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Hello, I know literally nothing about HTML anymore!


I'm trying to ween myself off of social media for the most part. Because of ya know...the world and all that. So I've been wanting to get back into having little homesites like the little 2000s child I was, who just used my neopets neopages for random sites hahaa. This is mostly to play around with, maybe post art on? Who knows, a fun project to work on when I am bored. As of Sept 2022 I am unemployed, so I am trying to teach myself new skills just for the sheer fun of it. Remember fun? I miss fun. Blogs and journals and galleries and feeds and dashboards are slowly (??) sucking my soul out so, I need a bit of distraction. Maybe there will be art here? Oh, I guess if yu want to see my art or what I am up to, here is a link to a bunch of links to my various sites : My Linktree!.


I don't know much and about this Ya, know?,,,

who is this

"What the hell does Hamburgerbasket mean??" Hamburgerbasket is just a username I have been using around the internet since around 2015 or so? Originally on my Furaffinity and Skype (back before the Discord times -sobs-) accounts I had been using the name "Hamburger-Time" Because I was notably...really into Metalocalypse at the time;; The name hadn't been available on Tumblr when I changed my url from my original url (which was mixed with my deadname so blehh) So I needed to change it and I had a basket on the coffee table near me so it was just a "fuck it" moment, and now that's my username and has been for the better half of a decade. It's dumb and messy, but ayyy so am I lol.

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